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Wire and cable industry is facing a new EU green Eup test
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The EU EuP directive, that is, "the use of the product eco design directive", in principle, in addition to the use of all products except for vehicles.
According to the directive, the specific implementation details related products in 2007 to 2010 have been introduced. EuP directive is following the RoHS directive and the WEEE directive, the EU released the third for the electronic and electrical products of the environmental directives. Compared with the WEEE and RoHS instructions, the monitoring range of EuP instruction is more extensive.
WEEE instruction only from the recycling process of wire and cable products, the recycling of waste materials, RoHS directive only limits the use of wire and cable products for certain hazardous substances, monitoring range is small; while EuP directive focus on the entire life cycle of wire and cable products, from raw materials selection, product manufacturing, packaging, transportation, distribution, maintenance, use to scrap recycling, the environmental impact is required to assess the relevant environmental impact. The directive applies to all mechanical and electrical products that need to consume energy to play the performance, all household appliances, consumer electronics, heating equipment, hot water equipment, motor systems, home and service industry lighting equipment, etc..
Overall view, EuP directive is a huge impact on China's wire and cable export enterprises, wire and cable products to obtain certification mark, to produce and put on the European market, while in the production process to monitor the implementation of the directive, so that the production costs of enterprises increased significantly, some of the companies can not meet the requirements of export.
EuP for wire and cable upstream of plastic raw materials to put forward higher environmental requirements, plastic raw materials and additives and other related industries will gradually show the profound impact.
EuP Directive requires the entire product life cycle of "green manufacturing", including "green raw materials, green design, green production, green packaging and use, green recycling and processing" and other green concept, including "green raw materials" and "green packaging and use" will have a significant impact on plastic and other related industries.
EuP directive requirements to enter the EU market of wire and cable products to disable certain harmful substances, which requires wire and cable companies to the green manufacturing to grab from the raw materials. When choosing raw materials, design personnel should change the traditional selection method, can not be based on traditional manufacturing ideas, need to meet the basic functions of the premise, considering the use of the standard, good environmental protection materials. China wire and cable products are a large number of plastic and related products for the raw materials, and therefore must be based on the use of EuP directive non-toxic, low energy consumption, no pollution or less pollution of plastic raw materials, the use of renewable materials and recyclable materials, to improve the utilization of resources. This to our country plastic and plastic additives products put forward higher requirements for environmental protection.
The use and disposal of packaging materials will give the environment a great burden. Therefore, the packaging of wire and cable products should choose non-toxic, non pollution, recyclable or biodegradable materials, so that the packaging to achieve "3RlD" (Reduce reduction, Reuse recycling, Recycle recycling, Degradable degradation). The improvement of the packaging structure can be realized by improving the structure design of the product. Studies show that the increase in the internal structure of the product, can reduce the demand for 54% of the packaging material, and can reduce the cost of packaging 62%. Therefore, the development of plastic products to the safe and harmless direction is a top priority; at the same time, the new product structure, longer use of the cycle of plastic material will be more helpful to reduce the waste of resources and environmental pollution.
The EU's relevant statistics show that the EuP directive limits the products of 80% from china. Domestic experts said that the real entry into the implementation stage, the loss will not be less than 50000000000 yuan per year for the Chinese mechanical and electrical industry.
After the implementation of the EuP directive, in addition to the cost of raw materials and cable companies to increase the cost of raw materials, but also to improve the design and manufacturing costs. For those with a low price to win the export of wire and cable companies, the cost of a further dilution of the original meager profits, profitability of the enterprise will be a big test. Those products are backward in technology, the ability to cope with the enterprise, may therefore exit the European market.
In this regard, the plastics industry experts suggest that the face of more and more stringent domestic and international environmental regulations, domestic plastics and raw material supply enterprises should actively respond to improve the plastic raw materials and products of environmental protection standards, pay close attention to the development of new environmentally friendly plastic additives, and accelerate the process of toxic and hazardous substances. In ensuring that the export products comply with all kinds of environmental protection requirements of the same time, should also continue to improve the environmental protection level of domestic products.