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Basic knowledge of heating cable
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Heating cable ground low temperature radiant heating system, which is installed on the ground of the cement layer. Its advantages are: when it is running, the whole ground is warm, the temperature range of the head is cool and warm, with human engineering, with good health effects. Also because of its ability to achieve the temperature of each room can be adjusted, so it can avoid the waste of energy, with the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection. Also for the user to save the space for heating, increased the effective use of space. To avoid the construction of the boiler room, coal ash field, with the use of land to develop more commercial housing, but also to save the latter maintenance costs. And for the society, it has found a breakthrough for the electricity consumption in the area of electricity, reducing the pollution of the air environment of coal, fuel, gas, etc., is an important way to control the urban air pollution. Due to the above advantages, so the heating cable floor radiant heating system is being more and more real estate developers and many of the decoration users accept. Below the general consumers and developers are generally concerned about some of the issues for a brief answer.
1 heating cable heating principle?
The heating element of the heating cable is made of copper, made of a nickel alloy resistance wire, within a single heating cable, any equivalent length range of resistance is equal. The heating cable is connected with the cold wire through the sealing waterproof junction box. When the cold line is added to the voltage, the electric current is passed through the heating cable. Heat is absorbed by the cement layer, and then heated by conduction and radiation. According to the internal structure of the heating cable, it is divided into single conductor and double guide and no shielding layer. The power range of each line is per meter 10W~20W. Especially the high quality double lead price most expensive.
2 price of heating cable system
The cost of heating cable system is directly related to the power of the heating cable, and the size of the distribution depends on the area of the house, the size of the area, the orientation and the heat preservation performance of the wall. According to the heat loss of the type of housing standards, we generally have the heating power in the average per square meter of 60W~80W, coupled with a dedicated thermostat, the material price is not more expensive than other heating.
3 power consumption?
Power consumption depends on the size of the housing wall insulation performance, indoor and outdoor temperature difference and air exchange rate and other factors, the impact of housing heat loss factor, at the same time, the size of the power consumption depends on the user's use habits, and heating mode is not much relationship. From the electric heating conversion efficiency, the heating system of heating cable is more than 97%. To Beijing area of energy-saving housing, for example, its power consumption is only 0.4 degrees per square meter per day.
4 safe?
The high quality of the meaning of the warm line itself is safe to ensure the safety of the use of. Hot line of the heating element is first a layer of Teflon coated Teflon can be resistant to 260 DEG C high temperature will not release a harmful gas, secondly is coated with a layer of polyethylene, in addition to the package with a layer of metal screen line, the screen line installation of grounding, both to prevent leakage, and to prevent the warm line generated magnetic field lines radiating outward. The warm line of the outer pack with Teflon or PVC shell, have corrosion resistance to almost all organic substances. Heating cable is buried in the cement layer of 3 ~ 5 cm thick, the cement floor has the role of heat storage and uniform cooling, and has the role of protecting the heating cable is not destroyed. Heating cables are often used in a wet room, such as a bathroom, sauna room, swimming pool, etc.. The cold and warm line connecting line box is sealed and waterproof. The box, the warm end of the line and the warm wire shell are all tested before the factory, and the heating wire unit is placed in the pool for several hours. If the heating cable is continuous, the surface of the maximum temperature is over 70. In addition, the heating cable can withstand the impact of the 2500V high voltage and not short-circuit and open circuit. Heating cable is also used in the football field, golf course and other ice melting ice and maintenance, has no effect on the safety of athletes, but due to shorten the dormancy period of the lawn, the stadium has brought benefits. For additional insurance, a RCD relay can be used in the circuit.
5 do you need special construction materials, such as concrete or concrete?
Warm line is installed in the concrete layer of the standard, no special materials. Concrete layer is generally 3cm thick. If you need to install a low thickness, you can use a special adhesive, covering only the warm line. This particular adhesive requires good scalability.
6 if the concrete layer in the warm line out of the problem, I can not pull the warm line, my investment is not wasted?
Once the warm line in accordance with the correct installation, the work of the fault. If there is a problem, the law is almost regular because of the external mechanical damage, such as screw and other nail into the concrete layer damage warm line. In this case, can immediately confirm the fault location, the region of concrete removed damaged clipping a hot line, warm connection and by the special repair material insulation. This is a simple, rapid process. Work failure rarely out of product quality problems. In the installation of the warm line should be in accordance with the measurement of resistance values, fill in the installation instructions after the quality certificate. Secondly, it may cause the position of the work breakdown is the joint and the warm